13 Jan 2008

Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli (a Review)

When people say not to judge the book by its cover, I suggest you to judge this book by its cover.

Stargirl's cover is simple yet attractive. And, it is the same with the content.


Stargirl, whose real name is Susan Julia Caraway, is a special girl. Having been homeschooled for years makes her different from the other kids in the school she enters. Her way of dressing, her activities, as well as her gentle and genuine heart--singging "Happy Birthday" with her ukulele for the kids at school--seems to make other kids feel offended.

But then, for Leo, a boy that secretly falls in love then turns out to be her boyfriend, she is willing to change. She doesn't wear unusual outfit anymore, instead she shows up in a pair of jeans, just like other kids at school.
However, the kids still dislike her, especially after what she has done in the basket game, cheering the opposing team.

And, one day, on a Ocotillo Ball, a popular girl named Hillari Kimble, gets angry and slaps Stargirl in the face for her showing up. Stargirl responds with a kiss on the cheek and leaves, never to return. She and her family move away.

This novel is special for the lesson it teaches. It is about being yourself and not afraid of being different. This would make a great book not only for teens but also for preteens.


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