9 Jan 2008

Suzanne's Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson

This is one of James Patterson's novels that is different from the others that he usually writes, the murder mystery novels, such as Kiss the Girls, Marry Marry, etc.

This one is about treasuring every moment with the special one & about being thankful for what you have. It's about families, love, loss, new love & hope.

Some readers confuse this particular Patterson's writing with Nicholas Sparks. Yet, it seems like Sparks' fans don't mind the similarity, they even enjoy it.


New York book editor Katie Wilkinson believed that she found her soul mate in poet-house painter Matt Harrison. However, instead of a lifetime together, they share a year before Matt vanishes. After disappearing from her life, Matt mails Katie a diary written by his wife Suzanne.

Katie cannot help but read the journal that Suzanne has written to her and Matt's son. She explains how she was a yuppie doctor in Boston until she suffered a heart attack in her mid thirties. Knowing she needed a lifestyle change, Suzanne fled to Martha's Vinyard where she falls in love with Matt. They marry and have a child. As she reads, Katie begins to feel she knows Suzanne and Nicholas as old friends. Still even she wonders if she should try to see Matt one last time once she finishes the cherished diary lovingly written by a mother to a son?

This is one of the books turned into a movie.


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